My name is Tony Lien, and I’m a Creative and Professional Writing major. I’ve been in and out of college the last ten years (this semester marks the beginning of my fifth year), and hopefully this is my last stint.

I have been writing since I was a kid. Mostly, I write short fiction, but I also write/illustrate comics (I finished the first issue of what I hope to be an ongoing series last semester). More often than not though, writing is painful and annoying to me. I have yet to get anything published. I’m sure I’ll keep trying as the years go on. I feel like I have a lot more living to do before I can write something of worth.

Music is the only thing that consistently satisfies me. I’ve been writing/recording music for about thirteen years. During my time in Lincoln, Nebraska (2010-2016), I played in a noise music collective called “Mildred Bonk” that most people hated or didn’t understand (eventually, we were blacklisted from the bar scene down there). I also had a solo “junk pop” project called “T-Bird”. Here are some links to some of my music:



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