In Regards to CC/Copyright

Obviously, this is a complicated subject–and it can get even more complicated depending on what kind of material you plan on using in your blog. For example, journalistic writing and using information already obtained/quoted by major news sources can be tricky. Thankfully, I don’t plan on using my blog for this type of thing.

In regards to my blog, I plan on mainly posting YouTube videos which contain copyrighted music. I’ve always wondered how this works, and have never looked into it until recently. I listen to entire albums on YouTube almost everyday for free (almost any album you can think of is available to listen to). Once in a while, I’ll click on an album playlist and find that it has been removed due to copyright infringement (and it will also include a link to a website where you can download the music for a price or stream it via subscription). Most of the time though, I’ll listen to any album I want. What makes this possible is an internal function within YouTube that redirects revenue (I’m pretty sure once a YouTube video reaches 5,000 or so views, royalties begin to incur) to the original copyright owner (the artist, the record company, etc). This function makes it possible for any YouTube user to post music without infringing on copyrights (assuming the user at least acknowledges that he/she does not own the presented material–which almost all of them do).

As far as blogging goes, if a YouTube user posts a video of a song that I want to share on my blog, all I have to examine is the Share button. If a link to the video appears in the box below the button, I can share it without infringing on copyright laws–because the YouTube user has control over whether or not the video is okay to embed (this can be switched on/off in settings). This is not totally full-proof, but chances are if the video has not been removed from YouTube, it’s okay.

If my blog were to totally explode and I accrue thousands upon thousands of followers, then perhaps I would need to further examine copyright/CC laws–being that money CAN be made from blogging. I’ll cross that bridge if and when I ever come upon it.

Here are some links to sites that aided in my research:


2 thoughts on “In Regards to CC/Copyright

  1. Good to know about YouTube. I was wondering about how the copyright worked for sites like that. I know there are times where I can’t watch videos because of copyright infringement. I wonder if there is a helper like the flickr cc attribution helper we use to put photos on our blogs. I’m interested to see about what happens to these YouTube videos when bloggers make money on their blogs. I’ll keep following to see what happens 🙂


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