Reflections on Bootcamp

Altogether, I didn’t find most of the demands of Bootcamp to be difficult. WordPress and Feedly are easy to navigate/manipulate. Researching CC/Copyright was also relatively painless (YouTube’s info on the subject was very informative and surprisingly reassuring).

I did have some technical issues when creating a blog roll. I kept adding links and reloading my site only to find that they were not appearing. It turned out I wasn’t ‘saving’ them after adding them–which I figured WordPress would do automatically. Once I figured that out, it worked just the way I wanted it to.

I’m grateful that the instructions in Bootcamp were not confusing. Most of the mandatory steps helped me realize how the finer points of blogging (linking, blogrolls, RSS feeds, etc), while being totally optional, are ultimately integral to the entire process.

The CC/Copyright assignment is what intrigues me the most. I did a fair amount of research, but I most definitely feel that I need to do a lot more in order to fully understand what is/isn’t okay when it comes to sharing music on my blog. I think I’m okay for now, but if I keep adding music and actually gain a fair amount of followers, I may need to be more careful.

Here are some links to my posts for this week:

In Regards to CC/Copyright

King Missile (art rock)

Abner Jay (blues)


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