My own thoughts on blogs

My own condensed definition of a blog (based on these two readings and my limited previous experience):

Blogs are a perpetual communal effort to collect, categorize, and disseminate all different kinds of information (from personal reflections on food preferences to deadly serious discussions of current world affairs). The information and the people who create and maintain the blogs which present the information are separate from each other–but nonetheless act as a whole (providing a hybrid map of the external world AND the internal worlds of the 50 million or so people who participate in this constantly-expanding worldwide discussion of…pretty much everything).

Here are some blogs I found that expound on my thoughts:

Lorelle on Blogging (via WordPress)  (This blog doesn’t relate any profound information about blogging–everything conveyed being pretty self-explanatory and obvious. However, there are a ton of links within the blog–which is an essential part of the process. This aspect of Lorelle’s blog is a great representation of how a blog is meant to be a portal to many other blogs and sites and information in general).

Hubspot (This is a blog which acts purely as a portal to other blogs which discuss blogging–a meta blog, I guess.)

The Minimalists (This is a blog ran by successful bloggers–all regarding how to get started and ‘make money’ blogging. The blog is linked up with pretty much every social media network [Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, etc]. Also, there are numerous adds placed throughout this ‘how-to’ blog–most notably by Bluehost [a blog platform which is not free to use–I’m pretty sure]. I feel this is a good example of a blog with almost purely monetary goals. Or at least that’s the way it seems to me).


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