Thoughts regarding Blood/Rettberg

In regards to Blood:

I will try my best to provide a cohesive summarization of what Rebecca Blood believes a blog to be:

Blogs (as they exist as a whole in the blogosphere), act as an ever-expanding dialogue between the 50 million or so people who exist digitally in this synthetic ecosystem. They are held together by links (which act as connective tissue), and they are perpetuated by both personal knowledge (information gathered through personal experience/research of each individual blogger) AND knowledge disseminated by major sources (syndicated news broadcasts, publishing companies, national radio, etc).  So, really, they are a synthesis of the ‘official’ and the ‘private’. If that makes sense.

In regards to Rettberg:

I feel the most important thing Rettberg discusses is how blogs are ultimately responsible for the entirety of modern social media. And, conversely, modern social media influences the way bloggers go about blogging today (especially when it comes to personal reflections and the overall length of these posts [a lot are much shorter now, thanks to Twitter’s word cap]). Most blogs have links to Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Flicker, etc.–and the blogs are mentioned and linked to through these platforms as well. In a back and forth fashion, they form a symbiotic relationship–referencing each other and promoting each other.



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