Reflection (Self-Portraits)

As I mentioned in my second self-portrait entry, I’m slightly embarrassed of my first one. I feel it was too honest–and not really something that most people want to know. I feel a lesser embarrassment when I read through my shorter second self-portrait. But it’s still embarrassment in the end.

My embarrassment points to a revelation discussed in detail in Simply Zesty. The act of participating in the social media sphere is secondarily a habitual (or often times addictive) way of not only documenting one’s life, but documenting the CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT of one’s life. Social media makes it much easier to scrutinize oneself, and therefore easier to reinvent oneself (also mentioned in the Zesty article). Thought processes can be identified and modified like never before–without professional help.

In theory, all of this sounds fine. However, there are countless implications when it comes to real-world application (as is the case with any intangible idea). My embarrassment is a light, mostly harmless example. I don’t want to list a thousand other examples; my point is that the old saying “Time heals all wounds” may not apply to humanity anymore. The human brain is kind; it knows what to remember and what to forget. This is not the case with the Internet.

I don’t think we can help it–this morbid fascination with the ever-adjustable digital representation of our everyday lives. It’s just something that happens now. It’s something our brains do (almost) innately.

Kind of like how people who have had near-death experiences swear that their entire lives flashed before their eyes. Our lives really are flashing before our eyes. One day at a time.


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