Reflection (Sentences About Writing On A Wiki)

As it goes with researching anything on the Internet these days, it can often be a hassle finding reputable articles. When I was expounding on what Andy wrote about the “Dark Side” of Wikipedia, I had considerable trouble finding the actual study mentioned in the article he posted. However, I had a much easier time finding out what Wiki Scanner is (besides the article I used, I found plenty more regarding the subject–which I may use later on if I have to). It was also very easy to find an article that answered my question about blogs and copyright. I should have known by now–but whatever is written on a personal blog becomes copyrighted the second it is published.

As for writing/developing ideas on wikis, I feel very comfortable doing so at this juncture. Linking is second nature to me now, and the other fine points of formatting/presentation are getting easier. Switching back and forth between this blog and the wiki–and using one to compliment the other–works really well.

Ultimately, I’m happy that Andy said what he did about Wikipedia. I was struggling to find a good starting point–and he left plenty of room for discussion.

Lastly, I’ve begun to wonder (after working in wikis both last semester and this semester) how hard it would be for me to obtain my own wiki and use it for some of my fiction writing. I’m sure there’s plenty of wikis out there that act as a collaborative creative writing space. It would be a good way to work with other writers in a more anonymous (but still connected) environment. Plus it would be free. Sometimes I get pretty disillusioned with the creative writing courses I take in college–being that it seems like everyone in the class (and the professor) is more concerned with being nice and handing out compliments than actually critiquing work. Everyone knows it’s easier to be honest behind a computer screen.


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