MF Doom (Alternative Hip Hop)

MF Doom–real name Daniel Dumile–is an English Hip Hop artist who has been releasing albums (under the MF Doom moniker) since 1999 (with his debut album: Operation: Doomsday). He is known for wearing an iconic gladiator mask (very similar to the one in the movie Gladiator) during his performances–and also during photo shoots and things of that nature. Beyond this physical appearance, MF Doom has created an entire persona around the classical super villain Dr. Doom–often using long snippets from old Fantastic Four TV shows in or between songs (see the song “Beef Rap” from his 2004 album Mm…Food).

Interesting Fact: Before adopting his MF Doom moniker, Dumile was part of a group called KMD. Their album “Black Bastards” was scheduled for a 1994 release–but was cancelled due to an overly offensive album cover. This cancellation occurred during the same week that Dumile’s brother was hit by a car and killed. This bad chain of events has been called MF Doom’s ‘origin story’.

Recommended listening: “Doomsday” off of his debut album Operation: Doomsday.


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