This Heat (Post-Punk/Noise)

Who is This Heat?: Formed in Camberwell, London in 1976, This Heat were a band’s band–unknown by the masses, but (to this day) respected, revered, and idolized by musicians who aspire to create inventive music.

Dan Snaith, of the electronic band Caribou, said in an interview with Pitchfork: “The first time I heard This Heat was their track ‘Sleep’ in the early 2000s, and it sounded so fresh then, more than 20 years on from its release, that I thought it was a newly released record. I couldn’t believe one band had an imagination this broad and this incandescent… This Heat sounded like the future then and still do now.”

The band was (and still is) ultimately considered post-punk–mostly because of the attitude and atmosphere that resonates in the entirety of their work (political, darkly-satirical, aggressive, frustrated, etc.), and also partly because their sonic passages are minimal in execution (guitar, drums, bass, vocals [more often than not screamed, mumbled, or chanted rather than ‘sung’], and noise [created by tape loops, synthesizers, and other electronic devices]) like other typical experimental punk pieces of the era. However, their song structures are anything but typical (most of them not having distinctive verses or choruses or what-have-you)–listeners more often feeling as though they are blindfolded and shoved into an all-terrain vehicle against their will and taken for a downhill jaunt through a rough, dense wilderness towards an unknown destination rather than driven in the same old car down the same old street to the same old place like just like every other day.

That being said, This Heat really did create more than just sounds; they created feelings.

Interesting Fact: Deceit, their second (and most influential) album, was recorded in a disused refrigerated storeroom in what used to be a meat pie factory in Brixton, England.

Recommended Listening: “Horizontal Hold” off of their first album This is 1. However, this particular recording is from a John Peel Session.




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