Os Mutantes (Brazilian Psychedelic Rock)

Who is Os Mutantes?: Sometimes referred to as the Brazilian Beatles, Os Mutantes started writing/performing an intriguing blend of rock (emanating The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and other such giants), psychedelic, bossa nova, samba, and baroque pop that eventually began to define a musical movement known as Tropicalismo in the late 1960s.

Tropicalismo is based around the idea of antropofagia (cultural cannibalism)–which is a fancy way of saying “take two or more things that have almost nothing to do with each other, mesh them together in the most artful way you can, and see what happens”.

They released a majority of their albums between 1966 and 1978 (when they broke up for nearly 30 years). In 2006, they reconvened and began touring and recording new material.

Interesting Fact: I usually try to keep myself out of these posts, but I feel I must relate a brief personal memory I have of seeing these lovely people play in Lincoln, Nebraska about five years ago:

I’d never seen so many people dancing at a show. And I don’t mean the usual swaying and head nodding–I mean, people dancing with each other hand in hand. Myself included. I don’t think I’d ever really done that before. Not in a serious, passionate way anyway. The entire crowd was bewitched for the entire hour and half that Os Mutantes played.

And the most memorable thing was seeing Sergio Dias herniate a disk in his back during the performance–only to motion for a stage hand to bring him a chair so he could sit down and finish the performance with a smile on his face.

What a guy.

Recommended Listening:  “A Minha Menina” off of their 1968 self-titled album.


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